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June 16, 2019

VapeTins Liquid Tin

Hand picked vaping products for our US based readers. Featured: VapeTins Liquid Tin.

VapeTins Liquid Tin

VapeTins Liquid Tin

VapeTins Liquid Tin

The Liquid Tins are packed with premium, name brand eliquids known worldwide. With over 1000 different flavors and growing weekly, each VapeTins Liquid Tin is designed with the customer in mind. Highlighted by the Active Flavor Preferences, only receive eliquid you prefer! 

Each Liquid VapeTin is loaded with anywhere from 300ml - 400ml+ of premium name brands. The truly premium, monthly eliquid service has arrived. Purchase a Liquid VapeTin anytime without a subscription, or drop that price even more by opting into one. Always hassle free - cancel anytime! 

If you select multiple options (recommended) your VapeTin will be mixed up from month to month, this ensures you get the best experience possible. 

What's Inside A Liquid Tin:

  • Premium Name Eliquid Brands Recognized Worldwide
  • ALL Eliquids are 60ml+ Bottles
  • Liquid Tin Packed with 300ml - 400ml+
  • VapeTins Stickers
  • VapeTins Menu Card


Accessory Preference! Choose between Premium Cotton, the Premium Crafted Coils or an Atomizer Stand! This promotion is open to all new Liquid VapeTin subscribers (first month only) and also one time purchases (once). 

One-time purchase only $69.99 or Subscribe & Save 6.66% ($65.32)

(Shipping: USA & International)